36th Avenue Adventures begins on 5th Avenue.

Living alone has definitely been interesting. It was both everything I knew I would love and everything I knew I would hate. What has been most interesting to me about living alone is that I don’t like it as much as I thought I would.

Let me start over.

My entire life I have been adamant that at some point I need to live alone. A room of one’s own was never enough for me – I needed an entire living space. It took almost 26 years and exactly 20 roommates to finally achieve that goal, but last February I moved into my very own one-bedroom apartment just outside downtown Denver. I fell in love with my apartment immediately and was ready to offer my firstborn to secure it. Luckily, a reasonable security deposit was all my landlady needed, and I was set. I moved in, realized immediately I needed a TV, and quickly settled in to my life on my own.

I soon learned that not having roommates is a very good thing. No one to share the TV with, to hog the bathroom, to bring strangers over, to play their music too loud, to steal your food, etc. I also learned that not having roommates can be a bad thing. No one to come home and commiserate about work with, to split a bottle of wine with, to have living room dance parties with, to watch trash TV with, to borrow clothes from, to help keep the apartment clean, etc.

Overall, I like not having roommates.

However, I’m starting to get lonely. I like my quiet and solitude, but I miss companionship. I miss having another person around. I miss sharing my living space and life.

In a couple months, I will no longer be living alone. I won’t just be living with a roommate though – I’ll be living with my partner. I don’t know what to expect, or how easily I will adjust to not living alone. I know that I couldn’t have a better person to move in with, and I know how compatible we are. I also know how different we are. I have so many questions that can only be answered by learning through experience – How will we fight? How will we keep the house clean? Will there really be enough closet space? Will we each get enough alone time? Can I still have lazy days?  – but none that really worry me.

If anything, I’m excited. I’m excited to make a leap of faith and a big change. I’m excited to start a new adventure. Most importantly, I’m excited to do this with The Mister (and his dog) by my side.

Living alone has definitely been interesting, but I’m ready to try something new.


One thought on “36th Avenue Adventures begins on 5th Avenue.

  1. I’ve never lived alone. :/ I was married at 18, a month after I graduated high school, so I’ve never had the chance. I’m honestly kind of sad about that… I LOVE living with Zane, we do fight sometimes, but everyone does. It’ll take some getting use to, but you’ll settle in quickly.

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