They Wish They All Could Be California Girls…

Today, The Mister and I talked briefly about moving to California.

The odds of this actually happening are slim, but it is certainly something I wouldn’t be adverse to. California has always held a particular appeal to me, and not even a disastrous short-lived residency in Los Angeles was enough to cool that ardor. Plus, my CA driver’s license picture was gorgeous. Maybe I could recreate that magic.

Katie California

I mean, right? THAT is a driver's license photo.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Colorado, and I am quite happy in Colorado, but I could also see myself being quite happy in Southern California. Not L.A., but one of the beach towns.

There are so many pros to this:

  • I could keep my job and just transfer offices.
  • I could actually drive my car year round.
  • The beach.
  • The sun.
  • The Mister would be back home.
  • It’d be a new adventure.
  • My wardrobe is much more warm-weather friendly.
  • I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about not knowing how to board or ski.
  • I would be tan.
  • My hair would turn blonde.
  • And so many, many more.

Like I said, the chances of us moving to California (at least in the foreseeable future) are so small as to be negligible, but it is a change I would certainly be open to.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll be a California girl after all.


2 thoughts on “They Wish They All Could Be California Girls…

  1. Isn’t he building a house right now? I couldn’t imagine building a house for myself, then moving to a new state.. Even if that state is California! [I lived there for 4 years while the Hubby was in the military]

    • He’s building a house, so the odds are exceptionally slim, but it was something he was talking about! I know you’ve mentioned Zane discussing plans for the future that don’t always come to fruition, and Tim is often the same way. I’ve gotten better about taking things in stride…

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