On Gator Balls and Tax Returns

Something strange is happening to me.

Coming home from work today, I stopped at the grocery store so I wouldn’t have to eat take-out (again). I got a movie from RedBox, then I bypassed the liquor store and came straight home. Realizing that my W2 had finally shown up in my mailbox, I promptly put my groceries away then pulled out my laptop to access TurboTax. Grabbing my accordion file folder with the rest of my tax information in it and accessing my “Charity Receipts” gmail folder, I quickly knocked out my taxes. Despite the fact that Tax Day is April 15th, I completed my returns 76 days in advance. Then I cooked dinner, and here I am.

Sometimes, it feels really good to be a responsible adult. Isn’t that odd? The best part about being an adult is that, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to choose what side of being an adult you want to be. Tonight, it was nice to be able to choose “Responsible Adult.” Yesterday, it was nice to be able to choose “Irresponsible Adult.” Maybe not irresponsible, per se, but exercising the ability to Choose Your Own Adventure.

Instead of being “Responsible Adults” and doing things such as cleaning the house and paying bills and doing laundry, The Mister and I went to a movie. We went bowling with booze. We ate gator balls, cheese curds, and wings. We stayed up too late watching TV that rots our brains. We did two “Responsible Adult” things all day – The Mister went for a jog, and I gave the dog a bath. This was a perfect reason not to go jogging.

Ann Perkins jogging

Ann Perkins would have bathed the dog with me. She knows the truth.

Sometimes, you need to be a Choose Your Own Adventure Adult. Other times, you need to be a Responsible Adult. It’s nice when you have the option of which Adult you want to be. Though growing up can be hard, it doesn’t always have to be The Worst. When you can choose how you want to be an adult, that’s when it is fun to actually be an adult.


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