Exercise Your Heart and Mind

After work, I made myself choose between yoga and writing. I hadn’t been in the yoga studio since Saturday (with self-practice Sunday), but I also had a couple posts outlined in my head that are begging to be told.

I went to the yoga studio, and those posts are still there. I think I made the right decision.

What is amazing to me, however, is that two extremely different activities can have the same incredible effect on me. Both writing and yoga are my own personal forms of meditation; they center me, calm my mind, and soothe my physical nerves. Both offer a catharsis from all the thoughts and feelings constantly swirling in my head. And yet yoga is about letting go of the ego, and writing is about indulging in it.

Tonight, I needed to let go of my ego. I needed the physical release and stretch and the non-judgmental boundaries of my yoga mat. I needed to be around other people, to share their energy and have the courage to let go of my ego. That’s exactly what I did. Hot vinyasa flow is not my strength. I prefer practicing iyengar, focusing on perfecting each pose down to the most minute details. Being in a class where everyone was stronger, faster, and smoother in their practice was difficult for me, but being one of the weakest gave me the courage to be strong and stop comparing myself to everyone else; to leave it all on the mat and revel in what my own body was capable of doing.

Leaving class, I felt strong and relaxed and ready to take on the world. It’s a hard feeling to capture, but the happiness that comes from an exhausted body and calm mind is priceless. All the down dogs, chaturangas, high planks, side planks, inversions, uktatasanas, reverse warriors… all the poses down to our final savasana made a great practice worth it.

Today, it was the right choice to choose yoga over writing. All those posts that have yet to be written will still be there tomorrow. Then, I’ll let the words that have been trapped in my head flow to the screen. But tonight… tonight was a night for yoga.


One thought on “Exercise Your Heart and Mind

  1. I can totally see what you mean. To me, writing and yoga both mean that I can take time to connect with what’s within. And they’re both things I can get totally lost in, forgetting time and place 🙂

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