With High Hopes for a Manning Jersey…

Sorry Tebow. Elway found a QB even more beloved than you.

This is pretty much all we talked about at happy hour yesterday, and the unanimous decision was Manning, hands down. Here’s hoping he decides to come out here to be with his bff Todd Helton and show us what a passing game looks like.


“Have a Lemon” – Life

Did you know that building a house is expensive? Like really, really expensive? And then when you’re done with the main building part, you get to do all the finish work, which costs even more money. Floorboards, lighting, closet systems, and so on and so forth don’t come cheap. Especially when you have my incredible knack for falling in love with the most expensive thing in the room.

Basically, all this is to say that, despite closing on the home loan and getting a permanent certificate of occupancy, the house isn’t ready to move into yet. Despite hoping it could be done by May, it probably won’t be for a while. Since “a while” is such a vague term, especially when it comes to saving money in order to do all the finish work right and without a time crunch looming over our heads, The Mister and I are taking this bunch of lemons life just handed us and making sweet, sweet lemonade out of it.

Which is why we now get to figure out how to fit my 850 square foot apartment of stuff into his 1200 square foot house that he currently resides in. By May 1.

I’m excited to move over to the Highlands and to start living with The Mister and the dog. I’m not excited to pack, and I’m most certainly not excited about having to make some tough decisions about my stuff, but that is my new project for the rest of March and April. While The Mister packs up some of his stuff to make room for mine, I get to organize my belongings into three categories: things to move into The Mister’s house, things to store for the new house, and things to get rid off.

Those of you who know me know how much I hate getting rid of things.

However, part of the compromise of living together is cutting the clutter and being respectful of shared space, so that’s what I’m going to do. Some things are easy to decide–my sundresses are all getting moved over to The Mister’s house; my KitchenAid, television, and couch are going to be stored for the new house; and most of my kitchen stuff will be given to Goodwill. Then there are the hard decisions–the coffee table, my bookcases, (some of my) clothes and shoes. Not everything will make the cut, and it’s going to be a war zone around here until I make my final choices.

It will all be worth it in the end. While it is disappointing not to be moving into the new house sooner, it is exciting to think about all the possibility it holds. Ultimately, waiting to do the finish work is the best decision, and in the meantime it forces me to reevaluate my possessions.

This isn’t the 36th Avenue adventure I was expecting, but that’s the point of an adventure–you never know what’s coming your way. The countdown to May 1 (coincidentally my birthday) begins now!