Pimp My Ride!

For the few of you not counting along at home, my birthday is in 29 days. Though The Mister is usually exceptionally strict about not giving me my birthday present even a minute before my actual birthday, he’s making an exception this year because he got me…


blue bicycle

It's not the Chanel bike, but it will most certainly do! I absolutely love it.

It’s a vintage Panasonic Tourist-5, in just about perfect shape, with the most minor of scratches. It’s hard to place the exact year of a Panasonic before the late 80s, but this one is mostly like from 1983-1985. I’m just going to go with 1985, since that seems serendipitous for a birthday present, no?

With the weather being as gorgeous as it has been, not having a bicycle has been terrible. I was so surprised The Mister went ahead and pulled the trigger and found this beauty for me, and now I’m even more excited for the fun part…pimping my ride!

We’ve already talked about switching out the saddle and grips for brown ones, even though the black accessories are growing on me. I also want to get a bell, a headlight, and baskets. Off to Amazon I went, excited to make my bicycle quintessentially mine.

While looking for baskets, however, I got distracted by the most amazing bike accessory ever known to man: a basket for Oliver to ride in.

dog bicycle basket

Have you seen anything more perfect?

Now, obviously, ever other bike accessory has lost its importance, and my one and only goal is to acquire said basket and figure out how to make Oliver happily ride in it. Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

If you see a girl in a sundress riding a blue bicycle with a french bulldog in the back, be sure to wave to Oliver as we coast by!


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