Adventures in Cooking.

Have I mentioned in this space how much I hate to cook? I can cheerfully bake all day long, but cooking is something I really prefer not to do. I find it stressful, difficult, and thoroughly unenjoyable. Yet this is the second time in a week I’ve volunteered to cook for The Mister, perhaps due to the success of Easter Brunch.

On the rare occasion I volunteer to cook, I scour the Internet looking for recipes that I think I can manage. Seeing as I have zero faith in my culinary prowess, these recipes tend to be casseroles or something with minimal difficulty. This morning, however, I asked The Mister if he wanted me to cook dinner tonight. He agreed, as long as we used ingredients that we have on hand. Since he is the actual chef of the family, he quickly ran through a mental list of things we had in the kitchen and requested pasta with chicken, lemon, and capers.

chicken picatta

Sounds easy enough, right? I’m sure it would be if you’re the type of person who is comfortable in the kitchen, i.e. not me. I have minimal cooking confidence to begin with, so not having a recipe terrifies me. Luckily, the Internet exists. I’ve found a recipe I think I can manage to make chicken picatta. It’s a little more work than something I would normally make (pan frying! deglazing!), but I’m going to go for it.

Though the recipe isn’t *technically* gluten free, it is easy enough to modify with gluten free all-purpose flour (I’ll probably use gluten-free Bisquick) and quinoa pasta (or your favorite gluten-free pasta). I doubt my concoction will look as pretty as the meal above, but as long as it tastes good it will be considered a success, right?

If all else fails, there is always wine. Lots of it.


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