Where in the World is Katie?

I know I haven’t been ’round these parts lately and was going to simply do a “Life from my iPhone” post, but since what’s been going on includes two major things, this will be a hybrid post – a quick recap of what’s going on, illustrated by my iPhone.

Major Thing #1: I turned 27!

What did I do to celebrate?

card game

The Mister and I played Gin Rummy at The Matchbox

We went to the Dodgers game on my birthday and had dinner at Mountain Ranch

I celebrated with birthday ice cream.


Amy and I had a birthday happy hour at Linger

After that, I packed and went on to…

Major Thing #2: The User Conference for my current copy in Las Vegas.

This was my last hurrah with my current company, launching my final project which was a mobile app specifically designed for the conference. Despite a week of 18 hour working days, feet so tired as to be numb, and cheeks that hurt from smiling so much, I had a blast. Not only did the app go off with minimal bumps (and everyone loved it!), but I made new friends and got to experience so much. 20 hours of sleep, 7 days, and 1 successful app later, I can put a final stamp on my days at [Redacted] and start looking forward to new things to come at my new company.

I know “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but here are a few snapshots of the fun times had despite all the work:

Caesars Palace

Stayed at a beeper friendly casino

roller coaster

Rode the roller coaster at New York, New York

serendipity frozen hot chocoloat

Shared a frozen hot chocolate with my new BFF Ashley at Serendipity

dana carvey

Laughed so hard at Dana Carvey my abs still hurt the next morning

Pure nightclub

Hung out at PURE and had a private party in the suite used in Rain Man

Basically? The past two weeks have been a WHIRLWIND. This next week is going to fly by, and then it will be time to close one chapter of my life and begin another.

Big things are happening, and I promise I’ll be better at keeping this space updated with what’s going on. For now, I’m just glad to be home, relaxing on my couch with my feet up and a hot toddy in hand.


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