Life is Like a Song

My life is rarely like a movie. Or, rather, if it is, my life is like the beginning of a movie, where the harried 20-something rushes on her way to complete an obviously important task, along the way dodging taxis, getting wrapped up in dog leashes, then finally slamming into the eventual love interest, spilling coffee on both she and him. Right before she has to walk in to see her boss. This heroine is brainy, with an eclectic group of friends, and always has her hair up in a ponytail and wears glasses. At some point in the movie a guy will hit on her to win a bet.

Despite that opening, my life isn’t sad or depressing. If anything it is exceedingly normal. Which plays right back into the first paragraph, since people go to movies to escape the exceedingly normal, to see that the average gal can have a life that’s extraordinary. Spoiler alert: my life isn’t extraordinary, but it has its extraordinary moments.

Last night was one of them. After getting home from a day out with friends enjoying the sunshine, The Mister suggested we climb up on the roof of the new house. Once we got to the top, he hauled a ladder over to the newly completed trellis, and up we went. Everything about the atmosphere was perfect. The sky was clear with twinkling stars overhead, the city lights were shining in the distance, and there was a gentle breeze that helped create a sense of calm. Without saying anything, The Mister pulled me close and we began to dance. Suddenly, through the magic of smartphones, the air around us was filled with the majestic sounds of Etta James singing “At Last.” For once I was the heroine at the end of the movie, after she had given up all hope of finding the person she had thought all along was Mr. Wrong (only to realize in the last ten minutes that she was the one who was wrong) just to find him waiting on her fire escape. The only difference is that I’ve known The Mister was Mr. Right all along

As all perfect moments have to end, so too did this one. The breeze turned from cool to chilly, the phone died, and we realized we couldn’t postpone morning despite wishing we could. Climbing down the ladder and back into reality, the magic of the moment dissipated, but The Mister was still there. Maybe my life¬†is¬†more like a movie than I realize..