Saturday Zen.

Since Tim works Saturdays, I generally do as well. Today’s work though required a lot of thinking/brainstorming/strategizing and all that fun brain stuff that takes a lot of mental energy but not always a lot to show from it besides a list and a tentative plan.

So instead of staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration to come, I picked up my shears and cut into my yummy pink ice cream cone fabric. I figured I might as well be doing something while pondering. 

Since sewing is so new to me, it’s not a brainless, mindless activity. I can’t go through the motions and let my mind wander. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t give me time to think, but it does mean that I don’t always get to think about what I planned to think about. Of course that’s what happened today. This isn’t a bad thing, though. I’ll have to work more this afternoon than I intended, but focusing on something physical and tangible allowed my brain to ponder another ponder that needed to be pondered. It worked.

I’ll be working more this afternoon than I intended, but as a bonus I now have a new tank, and solved a problem I’d been putting off solving. 

New tank stats…

  • Pattern: Colette Sorbetto (notice a pattern? I don’t have the interfacing to start my next dress)
  • Fabric: Andover Asbury Ice Cream Cones
  • Thoughts: This is everyone’s standard go-to quick project pattern, but even with an inch added to the bottom it was still too short for me. Next time I make it I’ll add at least 2 inches and maybe put a drawstring in the bottom hem to bubble it a bit.



I also finished my other Sorbetto dress:


This one is longer and less a-line than the first, and I took out the pleat that just looked a bit awkward on the dress. I’ll be retiring this pattern for a bit, since I’ve pretty much played it out, but have some odds and ends I need before I can start on my Christine Haynes’s Derby Dress.

For now, I’ll be taking a break, eating lunch on the roof in the sunshine, and taking a moment to breathe and relax before tackling the thinking I accidentally avoided earlier. Here’s to finding inspiration!



The Lost Year

Oh, hey guys! Long time, no chat.

It’s a huge understatement to say I’ve been sufficiently busy for oh, the past year (yep, that sounds about right). In a nutshell: we moved into the new house, work has been a super fun and exciting non-stop wild ride, we added another puppy to the mix, and are nowhere near being able to stop and take a breath. And you know what? It’s GREAT.

As a side effect of my job, I’ve also been getting crafty. Which mostly means my stack of UFOs keeps growing while my stack of finished projects is essentially non-existent.

Until tonight.



That is called a FINISHED PROJECT my friends! It only took a month, but it’s finished!

The deets: Colette Sorbetto dress made out of Jay McCarroll Center City fabric. Mostly I’m really excited about the contrasting pockets and how it’s leaning toward the family of “mumu” which is my sweet spot. I have another less-mumu-y one in the works, but wanted to finish them in the order they were started.

So there you go. A year in review, but mostly insane handmade-pride. 

Pack, Clean, Unpack, Repeat

With the Official Move Date slated for this Sunday, and my landlady showing my apartment Saturday, my evenings have been spent doing some combination of sorting, packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, and drinking. I know, I know; one of these things is not like the other, but cut me some slack — packing is the worst!

Though I’ve done a lot at my apartment, and it’s mostly ready for move out, what is more exciting to me is how I’ve unpacked and organized at The Mister’s our house. I was worried about finding space for my stuff, but it’s actually been going pretty well. Here’s just a few (terrible cellphone) snapshots of how I’m working my stuff in.

bird cage jewelry holder

We hung up my DIY jewelry organizer (when I made it I couldn’t find my hammer so I got creative and used the heel of my cowboy boot!). I still need to figure out what to do with my bracelets and post earrings, but I have a couple ideas.

shoe racksI also had enough room on my shoe racks (with part of my shoes in storage) to hold a good chunk of my shoes. You can’t see the rest of them stored on the bookshelf that will be doubling as my dresser for the time being, but all my shoes have a spot!

ikea shelvingAnd finally, I was worried that there wouldn’t be space for the fantastic amount of bathroom stuff I own (makeup, medicine cabinet, hair stuff, etc), but with The Mister being an IKEA addict, he just happened to have this empty cabinet space just outside the bathroom. The totes I keep my stuff in luckily happened to fit, and adds a nice pop of color to the laundry room area.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of progress, but between sorting through everything and packing and moving and unpacking and reorganizing, it’s exhausting! Even though the end is in site, I am ready for this move to be over.

Tonight is the last night in my apartment, so I guess I don’t have that long to wait!