Easter Brunch.


Easter Brunch

So full. My fave was the bacon pops; The Mister's fave was the quiche. Click through for recipes.


Happy Early Easter, Everyone!

A consequence of living far away from your family is that you don’t get to go home to celebrate every holiday. At first I struggled with this, but the longer I’ve lived in Colorado the better I’ve gotten at making my own celebrations. The trick, I’ve learned, is to not try recreating your family traditions — it only ends in disappointment. Instead, you have to find your own ways to celebrate.

To celebrate Easter this year, I volunteered to make brunch for The Mister and me. In reality, I’m a terrible cook, but through the power of Pinterest I found a few recipes to make that look yummy but shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. I’ll post photos later to show off my culinary prowess.

My original thought was to make a breakfast casserole, but that would be a lot of food for just two of us, and while it would be delicious it wouldn’t be ~*~fancy~*~, and we are nothing if not fancy. So, I’m making Crustless Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche in individual ramekins.

crustless broccoli cheddar cheese

Crustless Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

Next on the menu: deviled eggs. The Mister’s favorite food is deviled eggs. The first time I made deviled eggs on a non-holiday I blew his mind — he didn’t realize they’re one of the easiest foods to throw together. I’ve made a few different types of deviled eggs for him in the past, and when I found a recipe for Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs I knew I found a winner. I don’t have a pastry bag so mine won’t look this pretty, but hopefully they’ll taste delicious.

cream cheese smoked salmon deviled eggs

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs (with avocado to boot!)

The next course is going to be Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites, with a Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce. Even though these are probably more of an appetizer or dinner-type food, who doesn’t love bacon and potatoes in the morning? Bite-sized, and they look easy to make. Instead of normal hot sauce in the sour cream, I’m going to use sriracha (my fave).

bacon wrapped potato bites

Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites

Finally, I was going to make Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Eggs, but I was having trouble finding hollow chocolate eggs at the store, and making my own was just too involved. Since The Mister doesn’t have a sweet tooth (I’ll satisfy mine with Easter candy), we are going a different way for dessert: bacon pops. Which basically are goat cheese balls rolled in bacon. Delicious, right?

bacon pops

Goat Cheese Pops with Herbs, Pecans, and Bacon

So, that’s how we will be celebrating Easter! What about you? If you celebrate Easter, are you doing anything special?

Pack, Clean, Unpack, Repeat

With the Official Move Date slated for this Sunday, and my landlady showing my apartment Saturday, my evenings have been spent doing some combination of sorting, packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, and drinking. I know, I know; one of these things is not like the other, but cut me some slack — packing is the worst!

Though I’ve done a lot at my apartment, and it’s mostly ready for move out, what is more exciting to me is how I’ve unpacked and organized at The Mister’s our house. I was worried about finding space for my stuff, but it’s actually been going pretty well. Here’s just a few (terrible cellphone) snapshots of how I’m working my stuff in.

bird cage jewelry holder

We hung up my DIY jewelry organizer (when I made it I couldn’t find my hammer so I got creative and used the heel of my cowboy boot!). I still need to figure out what to do with my bracelets and post earrings, but I have a couple ideas.

shoe racksI also had enough room on my shoe racks (with part of my shoes in storage) to hold a good chunk of my shoes. You can’t see the rest of them stored on the bookshelf that will be doubling as my dresser for the time being, but all my shoes have a spot!

ikea shelvingAnd finally, I was worried that there wouldn’t be space for the fantastic amount of bathroom stuff I own (makeup, medicine cabinet, hair stuff, etc), but with The Mister being an IKEA addict, he just happened to have this empty cabinet space just outside the bathroom. The totes I keep my stuff in luckily happened to fit, and adds a nice pop of color to the laundry room area.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of progress, but between sorting through everything and packing and moving and unpacking and reorganizing, it’s exhausting! Even though the end is in site, I am ready for this move to be over.

Tonight is the last night in my apartment, so I guess I don’t have that long to wait!

Pimp My Ride!

For the few of you not counting along at home, my birthday is in 29 days. Though The Mister is usually exceptionally strict about not giving me my birthday present even a minute before my actual birthday, he’s making an exception this year because he got me…


blue bicycle

It's not the Chanel bike, but it will most certainly do! I absolutely love it.

It’s a vintage Panasonic Tourist-5, in just about perfect shape, with the most minor of scratches. It’s hard to place the exact year of a Panasonic before the late 80s, but this one is mostly like from 1983-1985. I’m just going to go with 1985, since that seems serendipitous for a birthday present, no?

With the weather being as gorgeous as it has been, not having a bicycle has been terrible. I was so surprised The Mister went ahead and pulled the trigger and found this beauty for me, and now I’m even more excited for the fun part…pimping my ride!

We’ve already talked about switching out the saddle and grips for brown ones, even though the black accessories are growing on me. I also want to get a bell, a headlight, and baskets. Off to Amazon I went, excited to make my bicycle quintessentially mine.

While looking for baskets, however, I got distracted by the most amazing bike accessory ever known to man: a basket for Oliver to ride in.

dog bicycle basket

Have you seen anything more perfect?

Now, obviously, ever other bike accessory has lost its importance, and my one and only goal is to acquire said basket and figure out how to make Oliver happily ride in it. Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

If you see a girl in a sundress riding a blue bicycle with a french bulldog in the back, be sure to wave to Oliver as we coast by!

Busy Busy Busy!

Despite both of us having The Longest Cold In The History of Ever (alternate title: The Death Cold) for over a week each, The Mister and I were able to find time to start on our “Moving Katie In” checklist.

Somehow, we were able to muster the strength Sunday to rearrange his house to make room for my ridiculously over-sized clothing collection (my weakness, followed closely by red wine). My clothes were going where his office area was, the desk was going where the plants were, the plants were going where the kitchen table was, and the kitchen table was going into the New House to be stored.

The Mister's stuff

For someone who hates clutter, he has a lot of it.

After we both moved the kitchen table over, we tackled the bedroom. I was in charge of packing up the books and clutter, while The Mister (who has a decidedly greener thumb than I do) pruned and moved the plants. It took a lot longer than we anticipated (possibly because we were both still super sick and inhaling all sorts of dirt and dust), but six storage bins of books and stuff later, everything was rearranged. Instead of a dining nook, we now have a green house.

Plants in the living room

After all our hard work, I had caught a second wind and was ready to drive over to my apartment and start hauling things back, but The Mister wisely stopped that idea before it really even started. However, I have to pack and move my stuff at some point, and we decided we would do it bit by bit instead of all at once.

Have I mentioned that I hate packing? Almost as much as I hate moving? But, it has to be done, so my apartment is now a disaster zone of storage totes and piles of clothing and stuff.

Packing Totes

Multiply this by 4 and you have my life right now.

Since this first move is temporary(ish), and we are only living in The Mister’s house until we can finish the New House, I’m trying to only pack a limited amount of stuff to actually unpack; everything else will go into storage. It’s a lot of clothing to sort through and store, but it will be easier in the long run, and eventually will be like unpacking an entire new wardrobe.

I still have a long ways to go until my apartment is packed up, but I’m hoping to be most of the way moved in with The Mister in the next three weeks. I don’t know if this goal is super attainable, but it leaves an extra two weeks of breathing room to get everything else done. This is becoming even more real, and I couldn’t be more excited.